Termcard 2016-2017: INSURRECTION, REVOLT

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Seminars will take place from 2-4pm either in the Latimer Room at Clare college, or in the Barbara White Room at Newnham college: all warmly welcome.

Michaelmas Term

14 October (Clare College, Latimer Room) – Olivier TONNEAU (Cambridge)

No justice, no Peace? Rethinking Early-Modern Insurrections from Robespierre Backwards


4 November (Clare College, Latimer Room) – Emma CLAUSSEN (Oxford)

A Rebel of Uncertain Cause: Politiques in Polemical Writing during the French Wars of Religion


18 November (Newnham College, Barbara White Room) -- Nick HAMMOND (Cambridge)

The Sounds of Subversion: Singing the Street in Seventeenth-Century Paris


Lent Term

27 January (Clare College, Latimer Room) – John O’BRIEN (Durham)

Cicero the Revolutionary: Some Insurrectional Motifs in the Literature of the French Wars of Religion


3 February (Clare College, Latimer Room) – Sophie WAHNICH (CNRS)

Émeutes, émotions: la scène de quel conflit?


3 March (Clare College, Latimer Room) – Mathilde BOMBART (Lyon 3)

La posture insurrectionnelle de l'auteur dans la polémique au XVIIe siècle: du littéraire au politique? Autour de Guez de Balzac


10 March (Clare College, Latimer Room) – Phillip USHER (New York University)

Exterranean Insurgency in the Humanist Anthropocene

Easter Term

5 May (Newnham College, Barbara White Room): 

Chair: Jenny MANDER (Newnham College, Cambridge)

Cul de Sac: Patrimony, Capitalism and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue --  PAUL CHENEY (University of Chicago)

The Revolutionary Wars in the Lesser Antilles, 1795-1798: Local Rebellions, Abolitionism and French War Aims -- FLAVIO EICHMAN (University of Bern):

Slave Rebellions in the Early Modern French Empire -- MÉLANIE LAMOTTE (Newnham College,  Cambridge) 

12 May (Clare College, Latimer Room) -- Emma HERDMAN (Saint Andrews)

Singing Out: Avian Uprisings in Renaissance France